I'm not talking about that episode of Seinfeld where Elaine gets in trouble for dumping all the 'muffin-stumps' at a local food pantry. I'm talking about when people try to wear pants two sizes too small, and their 'keg' boils over the top of their jeans.

That phenomena is known as the 'muffin-top'. Blame it on fashion trends gone wrong, but it is now a legitimate word. According to the Independent, muffin-top joins 'The Five Second Rule' and 'smack talk', on a list of words now included in the online version of the Oxford dictionary.

The Five Second rule is the rule, where one must retrieve a food item within five seconds of it being dropped before it is considered gross. That's my personal definition. I'm sure Oxford has jazzed it up.

Smack talk is when you talk smack about someone. Usually putting down something about them. Be it car, job, or something else you don't like. Lets all try to write a few sentences combining all three.

She said I was using smack talk, when describing how she couldn't pick up her food due to her muffin top. Thus, violating the five second rule.

That's a college degree at work for ya!

('Muffin Top' from NBC's 30 Rock)