Planters killed off their monocle wearing mascot after 104 years.

The internet is mourning the loss of the beloved top hat wearing peanut who has served as the mascot for Planters for 104 years.  He died in a most selfless act, by saving his friends.  The death is captured in Planters Super Bowl ad for 2020.  The Mr. Peanut Twitter account is now "The Estate of Mr. Peanut" confirming his death.

It is with heavy hearts that we confirm that Mr. Peanut has died at 104. In the ultimate selfless act, he sacrificed himself to save his friends when they needed him most. Please pay your respects with #RIPPeanut

I'm just as confused as you are.

Check out the ad below, and tweet your condolences using #RIPPeanut.  I guess those with peanut allergies can sleep a little safer tonight.

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