There are many Christmas classics out there. But there are also some movies you might not realize are 'technically' holiday movies...

We all know the Christmas classics: It's a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street, A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation, and Die Hard. (Along with many others)

But there are some movies out there that I enjoy watching during the holiday season that people don't realize are technically holiday movies.

5. Iron Man 3

Yeah, Iron Man 3 takes place during the holidays. For some reason this didn't register in my mind the first few times I watched it even though it's blatantly obvious. (His house in Malibu is decorated. He got Pepper a giant bunny for a present. It's snowing when he crash lands in Tennessee. Christmas lights in the background.) The plot, and Tony's PTSD were my main focus when watching the movie. So much so that it took me 3 times watching it all the way through before I realized that this is technically a Christmas movie.

Seriously though, did you even notice the Christmas lights in the background?


4. Gremlins

Because of their creepiness Gremlins is usually only acknowledged during the Halloween season. But it actually takes place during Christmas.

I know Gremlins is on a lot of people's "Must Watch During Christmas" list. But you'd be surprised at how many people DON'T KNOW this ENTIRE MOVIE takes places DURING CHRISTMAS.


3. Peter Pan

When the children go to Neverland, it's the during the holidays. That's why Mr. and Mrs. Dalring weren't home, they were at a holiday party. Thus, putting this movie under the category of "Well, technically it's a Christmas movie..."


2. Edward Scissorhands

He does ice sculptures and makes it snow at the end. How is that NOT a holiday movie? (Also, part of the movie actually does take place during the holidays.)


1. Batman Returns

Along with A Christmas Story, and Christmas Vacation, this is a movie I watch religiously every Christmas.



What are some movies that you like watching around this time each year that you consider to be 'technically' Christmas movies?

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