There are some movies that aren't classified as "Halloween" movies but are really best when watched this time of year.


I know a lot of channels on tv play the same movies every Halloween. You have Fear Fest on AMC, where they play all the classics like Halloween, Friday the 13th, Chucky, and Nightmare on Elm Street. Then you have Freeform with their 13 Nights of Halloween which plays the same cycle of Hocus Pocus, Addams Family, and anything Tim Burton on a loop. And SyFy has a really good selection this year. But there are some movies I never see on tv during the Halloween season that I wish more channels played.


Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil

It's just the story of two rednecks, trying their best in the woods...with a lot of unfortunate misunderstandings....and death. Like I said, they're trying their best...



Little Shop of Horrors

Why doesn't anyone ever play this on tv anymore? Especially during the Halloween season??? It's got the word "HORROR" right in the title!


Shaun of the Dead

Sure, this movie pops up every once in a while on Syfy, but not enough for my liking.


Young Frankenstein

TV channels are really dropping the ball when they don't play this one. Seriously. Mel Brooks + Frankenstein = Perfection.


The Crow

WHY don't more channels have this on each year?? It's the perfect "halloween movie" plot: Guy has tragic backstory. Guy is killed. Guy comes back from the dead on the anniversary of his murder. Wears an iconic costume. Seeks revenge. IT'S PERFECT FOR THIS TIME OF YEAR!

Also, it's quotable as hell.

"It can't rain all the time." "Believe me, nothing is trivial." "Victims, aren't we all?" "They're all dead. They just don't know it yet." "Take your shot, Funboy."


The Burbs

Someone please tell me why I never see this movie on tv anymore? Because it's a damn shame. There is a whole new generation of people that need to experience this movie.




Are there any movies you love watching this season that don't get played on tv because they aren't "technically" Halloween movies?

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