When comic book characters get transferred over to the big screen, sometimes their outfits change from page to screen. But the changes are usually beneficial to the character and their movements.

And then sometimes designers just drop the ball completely.


Wolverine: I know we all really want to see that yellow suit...but let's be honest: does he need it? Superheroes in movies tend to wear uniforms and masks to hide their true identity and/or use the uniform as a symbol of some sort. Movie Wolverine doesn't have an identity to hide. He doesn't really let anyone get close enough to him to have to keep his identity a secret to keep people safe from his enemies. Also, it's WOLVERINE. Do you think he gives a sh*t if you know who he is or not? If you actually know who he is he probably wants to have a very long discussion with you because he has NO IDEA.

So, the costume and mask are kind of not necessary for movie Wolverine.


Vibe/Cisco Ramon: Cisco hasn't really worked his way into "Costumed Superhero" status on The Flash yet. Hero? Yes. Super powers? Totally. But he's still in the learning process. He's not ready for the big 'superhero' guns yet. His story is still developing (quite well, I might add) on the Flash, but when his time does come to put on a suit...for the love of GOD...do NOT make it look like it does in the comics. He would look look like if the Village People added a 1970's Dallas Cowboy cheerleader outfit. Don't make him look like a Village People reject...please...


Hawkeye/Clint Barton: I agree with the change. The bright purple kind of kills the whole 'stealth' thing. But I think he should have a mask. Not necessarily the one he has in the comics, but something to hide his identity, now that we know from Age of Ultron (spoilers) that he has a wife and kids. You can't just be flashing your face willy-nilly while you take on HYDRA! With the advanced technology available in the MCU, who's to say HYDRA won't use facial recognition to find you and your family, Hawkeye? Hmm?? Think of the children!


Superman: Those "fish scales" she mentions on Superman's outfit? Those are actually a REALLY COOL THING...that didn't transfer over well on screen. It may LOOK like weird scales on his suit, but the costume designer actually had a custom material made for the suit. Those things that look like 'fish scales'? Those are tiny Superman logos. The entire suit is made out of his "S" logo. How cool is that??? Unfortunately, like I said...from a distance and on screen...it just looks like weird scales.


Deadpool: In the Deadpool fandom we don't mention that movie...That movie never happened. We will acknowledge that Wade Wilson was in that movie and he was cool. Everything after the surgery didn't happen. The end of the movie...just...no...there was no end of the movie. Wolverine saves all the mutant babies and they go home. The end.

New Deadpool movie outfit? The comic gods smile upon us. Never stop talking about this movie. This is gold.


Punisher/Frank Castle: Yeah, just add a skull. Not that hard.


The X-Men: If I were to start talking about each X-men outfit and how it differentiates from the comics, we'd be here for days. So let's just focus on the one at hand: Mystique.

Why the scales? Why the gelled hair? WHY IS SHE NAKED??? I've always wondered this ever since the first X-men movie came out! She is never naked in the comics! I understand that they probably did this to solidify her "Mutant and proud" philosophy, but I don't care if you're a mutant or human or whatever...YOU WEAR CLOTHES. This isn't a nudist colony! There are children present!

And I do appreciate that they've at least address the scale thing in the movies by explaining how Mystique's skin actually changes, which is cool. BUT SHE'S STILL NAKED.

I feel like she was made naked only to appeal to the male audience. And if Mystique were here she would NOT approve of being used for male gain. She is comfortable in her own skin, but one thing she HATES is to be ogled at.


Are there any comic book outfit adaptations that you do or don't agree with? Tell me in the comments!