When Circus Circus in Las Vegas wanted to re-brand their Rock ‘n Rita’s restaurant they didn’t have to look much further than Motley Crue’s Vince Neil to provide the inspiration. Neil, now a resident of the sin city, has been doing a great job of leaving his mark around Vegas.

With his own Vegas tattoo shop and brand of alcohol, the pairing only seemed natural, as Neil is offering up his rock n’ roll vibe to fuel the two new ventures: the restaurant ‘Vince Neil’s Tatuado Eat-Drink-Party’ and its upstairs venue ‘Vince Neil’s Party Bus Bar.’ The new hotspots aim to stir up a partylike atmosphere powered by a backstage vibe from tattoo imagery to some of Neil’s prized possessions on full display including one of his motorcycles and a few gold and platinum Motley Crue albums.

Adding to the visual impact of the new venues is the iconic photography of Mark ‘Weiss Guy’ Weiss, who has photographed Motley Crue for the past 30 years. The photos include live concert shots and behind-the-scenes snaps. Video walls and projection screens will also add to the impact bringing the venue to life.

The rock n’ roll vibe isn’t just a visual effect though, local bands will be given the opportunity to play live in the center of the restaurant with the promise of some impromptu “mini-shows” from some of rock’s best, hoping to keep the spirit of the Sunset Strip alive and well.

The two new venues in Circus Circus will be open to the public starting Tomorrow..