Rumors have really amped up over the weekend that Motley Crue were going to come back, and go on a tour with Poison.  Well we don't have confirmation on WHO they'll be touring with,  we do know officially that Motley Crue WILL be touring in 2020!

In true Motley Crue fashion, they destroyed their "cessation of touring" contract they signed in 2014 that prevented them from touring after their final tour.  And they did it in an epic way, where they literally blew the contract up (check out the video below).  Are we really shocked though that the Crue is going to tour again?  I mean they're Motley Crue, and let's be honest rules were made to be broken.


I've always been a huge fan of the Crue, and I've seen them in concert 3 times. I was super bummed the final time I saw them, so this news just made my day!  In fact when I saw them at Ruoff Home Mortgage music Center on their final tour in 2014. I took the photo to the left of Tommy Lee on his drum coaster, & posted it with the caption:

Super excited to be in  Indy to see one of my favorite bands for the third (and final) time. #AllBadThingsMustComeToAnEnd#hopefullyItIsntReallyTheirLastTour

Did you read the second hashtag?  It says "hopefully it isn't really their last tour,"  so I don't want to say I called it...but if the shoe fits!

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