I think I'm always good for that post on here that just creeps you out. The kind that makes you wake up in the middle of the night. And today, I'm not going to disappoint. Japan is developing the kissing machine.

Yeah, let that info sink in before the questions start. It happened to me too. Researchers are currently testing the devices. They are letting the participants 'make out' with a straw, and a computer records the movements. I hope these are 'well payed' participants.

Critics say it isn't like the real thing. I think, why did they make out with a straw to criticize it?

So from the country that brought us Dragonball Z and Nintendo Wii, what is the purpose of collecting make out data? Researchers say that a celebrity could record a session and make it available for fans.

For some reason I can only think of one type of celebrity that would do that, and their movies are found in the special 'back section' at the video store.

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