Monarch, the new band formed by ex-Red Sun Rising and Wilson members Ryan Williams, James Lascu and Matt Puhy, have returned with their second musical offering, and "Pearls" takes listeners on a bit of a psychedelic journey.

Whereas their debut single "The Fray" was more of a sharp, swinging debut for the band, "Pearls" provides a more smooth moving psychedelic ebb-and-flow in the verses before letting new vocalist Sabastian Duke unleash with soaring vocals in the chorus.

Guitarist Ryan Williams explains “We wanted a lyric video that connected the attitude and feel of the song with the overarching message. It is ultimately a message of hope and happiness wrapped in a dark melody. Life is fleeting and we all have that in common. Once you come to that realization, you can start living for you. We are all just pearls falling from broken strings.”

Monarch formed after the splits of both Red Sun Rising and Wilson. The two bands had crossed paths over the years and Williams, who had been a primary songwriter in Red Sun Rising, reached out to Lascu and Puhy after they became available. Duke was the final piece, with the upstart vocalist giving the band just what they were looking for in a vocalist.

The band has been in the studio working with producer Bob Marlette on their debut album, with the still-untitled set currently expected to arrive in February 2022.

In the interim, if you like the new song, head here to pick it up.

Monarch, "Pearls"

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