Dog reunites with family after mysteriously traveling over 1,000 miles from home.

A Texas family was heartbroken 3 years ago when their dog Daisey disappeared.  As the months went by, there's no doubt, they were forced to accept the fact that they would never see Daisey again.

Then last week, Daisey showed up on the doorstep of Tiffany Clay in Marion, Indiana.  Daisey took her to a local vet and had her scanned for a microchip.  That's when she found out Daisey had somehow made the trek from Texas to Indiana.  Around 1,100 miles.  Fox 59 talked to Daisey's human Katrina Skelton about the moment they found out their dog had been located,

Last Tuesday, we got a phone call from Taylor and Tiffany stating they found our dog all the way in Marion, Indiana.  Mark and I were immediately like, Okay, we’re going to Indiana this weekend. Let’s find a babysitter for our kids, and we’re making a 16-hour drive to get our dog because she was our first baby.

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The Skelton family has no idea how their dog made it from Houston, Texas to Marion, Indiana.  They did say they had a feeling that Daisey was OK for some reason.  Daisey and the Skelton family are now happily back together.  The dog appears to be happy and healthy.

We wish this Texas family many happy years with Daisey as they make up for a lost 3 years.

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