Former Misfits singer Michale Graves may be called as a witness in a trial against four Proud Boys who allegedly participated in the Capitol Riot earlier this year. Graves admits to being in Washington D.C. on the day of the riot, but claims to have left town once the Capitol was stormed.

According to a sworn declaration from Graves (whose real name is Michael Emanuel) the musician was booked to perform at a Latinos for Trump rally on Jan. 5, the day before the Capitol Riot took place. After the performance didn’t pan out, Graves was invited to play at the Proud Boys’ Airbnb residence on Jan. 6.

“Graves likely would have arrived there at approximately 3-4 p.m., had the events of January 6 at the Capitol not transpired,” the declaration reads. Graves’ claims have been corroborated by his manager, Arturo Santaella. [via Blabbermouth]

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In an interview with Reuters, Graves said he believes the Proud Boys (of which he’s claimed to be a member) were not capable of planning the Capitol Riot. “These guys have a hard time getting an order together for McDonalds,” the musician said. Santaella added, “They are not this well-oiled machine.”

In 2020, Graves received backlash after posting a photo of himself giving the OK sign to Instagram. He added the Proud Boys slogan, “I am a proud Western chauvinist and I refuse to apologize for building the modern world.” The Instagram profile no longer exists, but Graves has posted the same photo (with a different description) on his current Instagram account:

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