Milo is a very large boy looking for the right home. He is is approximately 3 years old and weighs 92 pounds. Here is what PC Pound Puppies has to say about Lia:

Milo ended up at the shelter when his family lost their home. This is the only family he has ever known and these dogs bond closely to their people. It will be important for his new family to be patient with him as he learns to trust them. The best home for Milo is going to be with someone who... has experience with the Cane Corso breed. He’s a powerful, sensitive, athletic and intelligent dog. This breed is a “guardian” breed which means they do not generally like strangers, so he would not do well in a home with a lot of new people coming in and out where he is expected to be social. A secure, fenced yard is preferable but not a requirement. He must NOT be tied outside on a chain or cable. This breed will likely become aggressive if tied outside. Again, this is not your average dog. A Cane Corso is a guardian breed. Milo is fine around other large dogs but we do not recommend small dogs or cats. Since he is so big it would be best to be in a home without small children because he could knock them over. Milo does have some weakness in his hips that you can see when he walks. This is a genetic issue and he will need joint supplements and pain management going forward.

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