You might need a scorecard to keep up with drummer Mike Portnoy. The highly respected drummer recently dropped by the Loudwire studios and we had a chance to chat with him about his various projects.

In the video above, Portnoy begins by offering an update on the progress of the next Winery Dogs album. The drummer zeroed in on Winery Dogs being his primary project after teaming up with Richie Kotzen and Billy Sheehan back in 2012. "It's really natural and the chemistry between the three of us is just quick and easy," says Portnoy of reuniting with his Winery Dogs brothers.

And not only do Winery Dogs have a new album in the works, but the trio have also booked their second annual Dog Camp for musicians this summer. Portnoy offers an idea of what to expect this year and reflects on the awesome experience the band had staging the camp last year.

Meanwhile, while he can't yet reveal the details about a mystery metal project he's been teasing online, Portnoy does clear up the misconception that it's "his" project, which it is not. But the drummer says that he and the mystery guitarist and bassist who he's teased in his social media updates have come together equally. He also offers a few other details about the project.

And the interview clip concludes with Portnoy discussing the all-star Metal Allegiance lineup that he's been playing with over the past year. So check out the video and get the lowdown straight from Portnoy himself.

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