Before you start giving Gaga the cold shoulder...DID YOU KNOW...she used to be in a Led Zepplin cover band? The girl has some rock chops.


Fresh off her spectacular Superbowl Half Time Show, a new ad for the Grammy's announced that not only would Lady Gaga be performing at the Grammy's, but she'd be performing WITH Metallica.


And out of all the 'pop stars' they could have gotten to rock out with Metallica, I'm glad they chose Gaga. She knows what she's doing with her voice and can control it to cater to any genre.


Though we mostly just hear her pop songs on the radio, she's performed with the Rolling Stones, did an album with Tony Bennettdone a stellar tribute to the Sound of Music, and has even sung in French.


And she was in a Led Zepplin cover band way back when...Check out her amazing "Black Dog" on the Howard Stern Show.


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