Metallica and (surprisingly enough) Lady Gaga performed together last night at the Grammys, but their performance kicked off with a rocky start.


All of the performances at last nights Grammys were amazing. But some of the collaboration choices were weird in my opinion. Like, Kelsea Ballerini and Lucas Graham singing both of their songs together for, what I assume, they thought was a killer mash-up of Peter Pan/7 Years, but to me was just...okay.


And then there was Metallica and Lady Gaga....


Now, when I first heard Metallica and Lady Gaga were going to be performing together, I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt because I knew that a long time ago she was in a Led Zepplin cover band and can do a killer rendition of "Black Dog". But Metallica is not Led Zepplin.


Lady Gaga came out like a background dancer/groupie that was given a mic and told to just "have at it". Jumping off the one foot drummer platform like it was the most hard rock thing she could have done, dancing like she was a background dancer at an A7X concert, getting way too enthusiastic about crowd surfing. Also, you DO NOT jump on a drummer while he is performing....EVER.


And WHAT. was UP. with James Hetfields MIC??


All of the pieces the stagehands and tech people have to put together for each performance of the Grammys go up so quickly and with such precision and I appreciate what they do so much. BUT YOU FORGOT TO PLUG IN A MICROPHONE?? The LEAD SINGERS MICROPHONE?? For the ONE rock band you allow to perform at your Top 40/Country party??


After the Grammys were over I thought "Hey, Metallica should have called for a do-over like Adele did." But then I realized they couldn't do that. Why? Because they are a rock band. Do you know how much flack a rock band would have gotten for starting over a song at the Grammys? It would have given them an excuse, not only to not invite Metallica back, but any other rock band to perform again for that matter.


I don't understand why rockers are always given the short end of the stick at the Grammys each year. A lot Pop and Top 40 performers don't even write their own songs. Rockers not only write their own songs, they compose them and play all the instruments as well. And yet, out of the multitude of categories, rockers aren't even dignified with having their categories shown on-air. 3 out of the 4 rock Grammys were given away during the pre-show. Meanwhile, Top 40 gets "Record of the Year" and "Song of the Year" WHICH ARE PRACTICALLY THE SAME THING. By "Record" they mean "Single"...A "SINGLE" IS A SONG. YOU HAVE TWO CATEGORIES FOR THE SAME THING. BOTH OF WHICH WERE SHOWN DURING THE ACTUAL GRAMMYS. (SPOILER ALERT: THEY BOTH WENT TO ADELE.)


So, in case you missed it:

Best Rock Performance went to David Bowie's "Blackstar"

Best Metal Performance went to Megadeth's "Dystopia"

Best Rock Song went to David Bowie's "Blackstar"

Best Rock Album went to Cage the Elephant's "Tell Me I'm Pretty"

Best Alternative Music Album went to David Bowie's "Blackstar"



And in case you missed Metallica's performance of "Moth into Flame" with Lady it is.

*Side note: Despite technical difficulties, and whatever the hell Lady Gaga was doing, Metallica DID have a kick ass performance.



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