Animal Crossing: New Horizons is quite the popular go-to game during these quarantine days. Not only can you design band tees for your character, but you can also recreate your favorite songs for the town — one player did it with Metallica's iconic hit "Enter Sandman."

In the game, players can create their own "town tune," which, according to, is essentially just a few brief measures that sound whenever your character talks to another, walks into a building or when an hour passes. They can range from one note to sixteen notes, and characters can also play them on instruments purchased from the town's store.

So, as long as you know the notes for the song you want to recreate, you can have your favorite rock and metal songs blaring while you play. Headbanging not included.

A user on Reddit posted a video of his town tune, which is set to the notes of the opening riff in "Enter Sandman," which you can check out here. The characters in the game may be really freaking cute and innocent-looking, but hearing the chime of the sinister melody will surely bring a sense of metal into the simulated world.


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