The celebration of Jonny and Marsha Zazula continues as Metallica unveil another pro-shot video from their recent tribute show in Florida. First, they shared "Phantom Lord," and now fans get to experience Metallica's pummeling performance of "Blitzkrieg." Check it out in the player below.

Watch Metallica Perform "Blitzkrieg" Live in Florida

"Blitzkrieg" was originally released by the English heavy metal band Blitzkrieg as the B-side to their 1981 single for "Buried Alive," and was later featured on their debut studio album, A Time of Changes.

Metallica included "Blitzkrieg" as part of the setlist for their first-ever concert on March 14, 1982, at Radio City in Anaheim, California. Over the 40 years since that gig, it's been a bit of a rarity in the live setting, but they did include it as a B-side to their "Creeping Death" single in 1984, and Elektra also added it to their 1988 reissue of Kill 'Em All. Later, in 1998, it was featured on the second disc of Garage Inc. as part of the Garage Days Revisited '84 songs.

In a 2016 interview, Blitzkrieg vocalist and songwriter Brian Ross said about Metallica's cover, "Obviously it was an honor for them to do that. It was really nice for them to say that we influenced them in their early days and actually still do influence them apparently, because every time a new Blitzkrieg album comes out, Lars [Ulrich] is on the phone saying, "Can I get a copy of this, please?""

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Fans can stream and download Metallica's old-school show in honor of the Zazulas here.

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