Metallica and Master Distiller Dave Pickerell have collaborated on whiskey before, and if you haven't had the chance to try it yet, now is the time. Introducing, the new S&M2 limited-edition batch of BLACKENED® whiskey.

The new expression by Sweet Amber Distilling Co., Batch 106, was sonically enhanced by the band's S&M2 live album, which was recorded over two nights in September of 2019 when they performed with the San Francisco Symphony at the Chase Center. Packed in a new, limited-edition gift box that was designed by the artist Squindo, Batch 106 can be purchased both in stores and online.

The Black Noise™ sonic enhancement process has been used since Metallica's very first BLACKENED whiskey batch that was released back in 2018. During the process, the sound waves extract more flavor from the wood of the whiskey barrels.

“The first S&M shows in 1999 were such a pivotal part of Metallica’s evolution. We knew we had to mark their 20th anniversary on an even bigger scale, but without sacrificing any of the intimacy of those shows," guitarist Kirk Hammett said. "The reaction has been incredible, to the shows and the album, and we’re thrilled to be able to bring those same S&M2 vibes to BLACKENED.”

Additionally, each buyer will receive the opportunity to enter a contest to win a T-shirt that features the artwork that was created for the whiskey. The contest kicks off Oct. 14 and will run through Nov. 14. Multiple winners will be chosen.

Order your limited-edition Batch 106 BLACKENED whiskey from Caskers' or on, where you can also enter the T-shirt contest. Listen to the exact playlist that enhanced this new batch of whiskey below.

Blackened Whiskey
Blackened Whiskey

Metallica S&M2 BLACKENED Whiskey Playlist

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