Some people would rather be found in a red room than on TikTok, but the social media platform isn’t all dancing and cringe. Metalheads have found their way onto TikTok, creating awesome content for likeminded music fans.

R&B singer Zaria (@ZariasMusic) recently made headlines for crushing the trolls in her comments section. After she wore a Metallica shirt in a video, suspicious fans challenged her to “name three Metallica songs.” Instead, she played multiple Metallica tracks on guitar, winning the hearts of metalheads across the Internet.

How many ways can you be a shitty drummer? @noah.b25 has the answer. On his kit, the musician goes through the ways a drummer can attempt to fake their own experience while not actually fooling anybody. Do they know only one beat? Is their playing plagued by too many cymbals? Is their double bass sloppier than a plate of hot wings? It’s always too easy to tell.

Deathcore vocals were made for social media parodies. If you head over to @breeboi_j’s TikTok, you’ll be greeted with deep gutturals and belly laughs. In one clip, he goes through the progression of how listening to metal slowly changes your speaking voice from Alvin and the Chipmunks to Alex Terrible.

Check out these Metalhead TikToks That Don’t Suck in the Loud List below.

Metalhead TikToks That Don’t Suck

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