Metal fans often get labeled as angry people because of the aggression in the sound of the music, but according to a new study, that's just not the case. According to, metal, rock and grunge listeners are among the happiest music fans on Reddit.

The experiment was conducted by analyzing peoples' language on the internet platform in their comments, specifically seeking positive words and cusses. The rankings were based on the number of positive words per 100 comments, and they categorized the findings into 27 genres.

Jazz claimed the top spot on the list of happiest music fans, but metal actually came in at No. 2. Rock and grunge also landed in the Top 10, along with opera, folk, indie, trance, blues and classical.

So basically, keep blasting Slipknot and Alice in Chains.

The company went on to break the results down even further, and apparently, punk fans swear the most online out of all the genres. Metal fell into that division as well, but rock and grunge didn't.

See the charts below for a more detailed understanding of the findings.

To support the outcomes with a psychological interpretation, spoke with WeCure psychologist Şirin Atçeken.

"Jazz and metal are emotive and allow us to express our emotions whilst we listen to the music, but it’s two extremes. Jazz is a major stress buster and causes positive effects. It physically changes the body and lowers heart rate and pulse, making us feel calmer and relaxed. Jazz can also improve memory, focus, and boost our mood," she said.

"Metal also affects us and is a natural anger management tool. It allows us to tap into our anger sensors, and actively address them, helping to manage these negative emotions. People feel that their anger is matched to the music when listening to metal, and therefore find it easier to process it. Metal formulates a safe, and healthy space for this to happen. In some cases, metal also combats loneliness and makes us feel less alone in these emotions, allowing the listener to accept them.”

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