It's with a heavy heart that Mesker Park Zoo announced the loss of their 19 year old Giraffe, Kizzie.

They posted the following to Facebook:

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we announce the unexpected passing of our 19-year-old, female giraffe, Kizzie, on the morning of February 18, 2020. Kizzie the giraffe was born in Indianapolis, IN June 2, 2000. She quickly became the newest family member at Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden Winter 2001. Since then she has captured hearts, created playful memories, and captivated zoo guests and members alike with her joyful presence and spirit. Never one to shy away from a delicious lettuce leaf or selfie opportunity, she was a bright and cheery experience for any visitor.

We appreciate your sensitivity during such a difficult time here at the zoo while our staff and zoo visitors, whom have closely known Kizzie over the years, take time to grieve over her passing. The coming days will be undoubtedly difficult with the shock of such an unexpected passing taking place so quickly. Losing such a prominent resident at Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic is akin to losing a close family member and we are mourning accordingly.

At present, the cause of death is yet undetermined. We are committed to top tier care of each and every one of our animals here at the zoo and an event such as this is treated with the utmost scrutiny and attention to detail.

Giraffes have long been a mainstay at Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden. Their exotic appearance has made them a staple and main attraction since they were first introduced in the early 1980’s. The Zoo’s remaining two giraffes are Kiah (29) and Clementine (2).

If you have any pictures of Kizzie, Kiah, or Clementine, please share them below so we can remember her fondly together as a community.

RIP, Kizzie. You will be sorely missed.

we are thinking of the Mesker Park Zoo family today.

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