Megadeth have delivered a lot of memorable guitar pieces over the years, and while filming a recent Cameo for a fan named Nick (seen below), singer-guitarist and Megadeth founder Dave Mustaine shared what he considers to be his favorite solos he's ever written.

Admittedly, with a catalog as stocked as Megadeth's, it could be a difficult choice, but after some initial hesitation, he offered several picks.

"It's kind of hard to say, because there's certain solos that have a great payoff, but we haven't played 'em live for so long," started Mustaine. "I've forgotten so many of them — two hundred songs and all of the solos and stuff. Out of the songs that we play live that I'm really familiar with, the solos that we play that we like, I like 'The Threat Is Real.' I love 'Holy Wars.' 'Wake Up Dead' is a great solo for me to play too; I really like that. That was one of my first really big solos that got everybody interested in Megadeth - that and '[In My] Darkest Hour' too."

"Wake Up Dead" is the earliest of Mustaine's chosen solos, serving as the opening track off the 1986 album Peace Sells .... But Who's Buying?. "In My Darkest Hour" turns up on 1988's So Far, So Good ... So What?. And longtime live favorite "Holy Wars ... The Punishment Due" is part of the 1990 Rust in Peace album.

"The Threat Is Real" is a more recent selection for Mustaine, appearing on their most recent album, 2016's Dystopia. Revisit the songs and solos in the players below Mustaine's Cameo message.

It should also be noted that Mustaine reveals during his message to Nick that he will be showing how to do some of the solos via Cameo, but in a less structured way with bits at a time so players don't have too much to handle.

Dave Mustaine Reveals His Favorite Guitar Solos in a Cameo Message

Megadeth, "The Threat Is Real"

Megadeth, "Holy Wars ... The Punishment Due"

Megadeth, "Wake Up Dead"

Megadeth, "In My Darkest Hour"

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