103GBF has gone through some changes over the past few months. It's time to meet one of those changes!


Gavin flex

Hey everyone! My name is Gavin and I am the new Promotion's Director for 103GBF. This actually isn't my first time being on "The River City Rocker." I hosted a Sunday shift from July 2014 to July 2015. I also occasionally helped out with remotes after that time. If you remember someone named "Gavin Static," that was me. And yes, the name is still a little cringey. I was also the producer (and third chair) on the ESPN Evansville sportstalk show Ford and O'Bryan. I also host midday's on our sister station 106.1 KISS FM, but you have a better chance of hearing me on either of the former stations as opposed to the latter.

If you don't know who I am, I was born and raised right here in Evansville. I graduated from the University of Southern Indiana in May 2012 and was hired to do a Sunday shift on the now-defunct Classic Hits version of WJLT. From there I did the gig on ESPN Evansville, 103GBF, and 106.1 KISS FM. I took over midday's on KISS in December 2015. Even though I work for the "pop" station, I love rock. I love Rob Zombie, Shinedown, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Static X, and Mudvayne. One of my favorite bands is Coheed and Cambria.  Rock music is what I grew up on. I'm also an avid sports fans. I enjoy the Colts and Packers for football, Blackhawks for hockey, IU for college basketball, and of course, the WORLD CHAMPION Chicago Cubs for baseball.

Gavin Cubs

So why am I making this big introduction when many of you probably couldn't give a flying crap about the inner workings of your favorite radio station. I'm doing it so that you can learn what I am hoping to achieve in this new position, and also give you someone to blame if you don't like something. I also want an open dialogue with you, the listening audience, about what kind of contests and prizes you would like to see. Where would you like to see us broadcast from? What type of concerts would you like to win tickets to? These are questions I have for you in order to improve your audience experience.

My goal is to offer contest that offer a wide-variety of prizes that accompany all aspects of being a dude. For a long time, most of the contests were centered around babes, MILF's, and other aspects in that realm. Yes, hot ladies are pretty great. I am a fan. However, there is so much more to being a dude then just that. I want to do contests that involve the garage (garage makeovers, automotive prizes), cooking (grills, gift cards to butcher shops), sports (Cubs/Cardinals tickets, Colts tickets, WWE), and gaming (pool tables, video game systems). Also, while a lot of contests will appeal to men (as rock radio as a whole is aimed at the male demographic), I would also like to have contests that appeal to women. What a crazy idea! Believe it or not, women also like to win things and also like to ROCK! It's time we include them.

I know it's been a weird shift the past couple months. I get it. I've read the comments and  messages. Change can be scary. But dwelling on the past doesn't do anyone any good. The past was great, but the future can be better. Chynna and Jimmie have done a fantastic job in stepping up during this tumultuous time. We are still looking for a new brand manager for the station, which will be the final piece of this puzzle of transition, but we have you best interest in mind. I appreciate you sticking around and hope that you give me a chance to make your interactive experience with 103GBF a great one. Thank you for this opportunity and I look forward to working with you!



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