We adopted Jupiter last June after just the day before a rescue in Louisville, The Kindle & Clowder Institute for Wayward Felines, had pulled him from a kill-shelter on his "E-day." He was only about 14-16 weeks old and we immediately fell in love with him. He is such a handsome boy and very photogenic.

This was taken the morning after we brought him home. He was just over 4 pounds.
Photo: Kat Mykals
Here's a more recent photo of our boy Photo: Kat Mykals

Jupiter is the most un-cat-like cat I have ever encountered and I've earned my crazy cat lady badge so that should tell you something. He has a favorite toy (kill) that he leaves in his food bowl most of the time as though it were a snack for later or at least until he decides that Shawn & I are bored enough that we need to be properly entertained at which point he brings it over and drops it at our feet or sometimes in our laps. This is his signal to us that he is ready to play fetch. Yes, you read that correctly - Jupiter Jack plays fetch. He also walks on a leash with a harness and will get on the scale on command so he can be weighed, although it may only be because the scale is square and looks like a box that should be sitsed in (you know, because cat-logic dictates "if it fits, it sits.") He was just over 4 pounds when we brought him home. He weighs more than 11 now and his tail makes him look like he may be part raccoon. A cute and adorable raccoon of course.

This was one of his first excursions into the backyard on his leash Photo: Kat Mykals
He's just living his best life Photo: Kat Mykals

He also stretches out on the floor like a dog in a superman pose - front feet out and back feet out. Not including his tail, he measures toe to toe at over 3 feet long when he stretches out like this. Did I mention he hasn't even turned a year old yet? Jupiter is also very good at showing off his dexterity despite having massive paws but no opposable thumbs. He can open kitchen cabinets, pull straws out of drinks and our personal favorite: dip his mits into your uncovered drink sitting on the coffee table so he can have a drink too, off his paw. Our four-legged friend also has an affinity for ice cubes in his water fountain so much so, that when you get ice out of the refrigerator, it takes him 2.3 seconds to launch himself from wherever he may be in the house, fly around the corner into the kitchen, and then sit gingerly in front of the fridge to wait on cubes of his very own.

He almost always has his belly out waiting for rubs Photo: Kat Mykals
He really does have some massive paws Photo: Kat Mykals

To say that this little guy has a personality would be an understatement! When one of us leaves the house, he spends a solid 5 minutes walking around looking for us, all the while meowing in a way that makes it sound like he is saying "helllll-llloooo?" and when we get home at the end of the day, he will follow us around yelling at us until we sit down together on the couch so he can finally cuddle with his humans. Jupiter has a purr motor that is unmatched and he is a total love bug.He also has no problem trying to steal your food or putting his butt in your face. He may be unnaturally dog-like but he still does have that one cat trait. To be totally truthful though, he is an amazing little soul and I am so grateful to have him as part of our family!

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