I've had this little dude with me for 6 years. So I thought it was about time I shared him with the public.

So I was talking with a friend of mine over lunch and my "backseat driver" came up in conversation. And by "backseat driver", I mean my dead frog I have in my tail light.

And judging by the look on her face it's not exactly normal to keep a dead frog in your tail light.

...for 6 years.

So now I'M the weirdo.

This little dude (or dudette...you really can't tell anymore) has been with me for a long time. We've been through many a roadtrip together. I can't just get rid of him!

But since we've been together for so long, do you think I should finally name him?

What's a good name for a dead frog?

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