Here’s the thing about superhero movies: they need to be seen big. And here’s the thing about the latest batch of Marvel movies: they’re best seen in IMAX. Doctor Strange was the first of the MCU movies to really utilize the bigger aspect ratio to its full effect, widening and opening up the picture when Strange uses his powers. Avengers: Infinity War, being the giant film that it is, is the first Marvel movie — and the first Hollywood film — to be shot entirely with IMAX cameras.

A new featurette released by IMAX this week has almost every member of the MCU, cast and directors alike, singing the praises of IMAX and telling us that, really, if you’re not watching Infinity War in IMAX, have you really watched it?

“It’s like having a TV screen smashed into your face,” Taika Waititi says at one point. Where do I buy my tickets?

In case you haven’t had it broken down for you yet by an enthusiastic film major, IMAX vertically widens the traditional Hollywood widescreen aspect ratio to give the picture more depth and allow us to see what’s going on in the margins. IMAX squares the image, bringing the common 2.35:1 aspect ratio all the way to 1.43:1. It’s just bigger and more impressive overall, and with up to 30 characters in a scene all at once, you’re going to need the extra inches just to be able to see everyone.

Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters April 27.

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