By now you have likely heard of McKamey Manor.  Based in San Diego, California, it's arguably the most infamous haunted house in the world.  For years, owner Russ McKamey has been pushing thrill seekers to the physical and mental limits of fear and, reportedly, no one has ever made it through the entire eight-hour experience.  Well, this year, Russ has unveiled a new interactive haunt.  It's called The Chamber and it sounds (and looks) absolutely terrifying.

Here are the official guidelines and rules for entry into The Chamber.

1. 21 and above only (proof of age).
2. Doctors letter stating you are physically and mentally cleared to participate in MM/Chamber.
3. A background check provided by MM.
4. You have to be screened via Skype by Russ McKamey.

The Chamber is now open for a limited run.  And, here's an idea of what you'd be getting yourself into.  Here's a recent promo video for McKamey Manor.  If you disturb easily, do NOT watch this.

For more information about McKamey Manor, CLICK HERE!

And, now the question, would YOU do this?