Air Fryers are great for making fried food a little bit healthier, but they can also be dangerous.

I've had my air fryer for about two years, and I've honestly never thought about it starting a fire. I always unplug it when I'm finished cooking, but that's where my safety check stops. Our friends at the McCutchanville Fire Department shared some very important information on air fryer safety. Their department has responded to at least two fires involving air fryers, in the past month.

  • Before you use the appliance, you should assess the voltage that is required by the appliance. I kind of just assume that our outlets can handle anything I want to use. I did find out that I can't run the fryer and microwave at the same time. That's probably not safe.
  • You must keep the power cords away from hot surfaces. Excessive heat can damage the cords. The cord is usually tucked behind the fryer, but it sounds like I should move it out a little bit when it's hot.
  • Reviewing the manual is highly advised to get a knowhow of the appliance. You must never use the appliance for any other purpose except for as prescribed by the manufacturer. If you have misplaced the manual, you can usually find that information on the company's website.
  • The device should never be left unattended. This way, you can ensure that it is out of the reach of your kids and pets. You should never place anything on top of the appliance. I keep the extra trays and little pans on top of mine. Excuse me while I go move them ASAP.
  • Operating the air fryer with wet hands is thoroughly discouraged. The need for doing so is self-explanatory. I don't think that I've used it with wet hands, but I have forgotten to use an oven mitt before. Ouch.
  • In case the air fryer is in need of repairs, it is best to avoid hiring unauthorized personnel or taking your air fryer to a service center. Contacting the manufacturer and utilizing the warranty seems like a lot of work. If mine breaks, I'll probably just replace it.
  • Avoid cleaning the internal components with water as it diminishes the quality of the appliance and eventually leads to its failure due to rust and short circuits. When I do clean it, which isn't often enough, I'm always afraid that the door is going to fall off. It's meant to come off, so you can clean it, but it's tricky to put back on.



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