Mayor Winnecke recently held a press conference where he touched on some key issues our community is currently facing.  In his speech he asked that we view the precautions the city has taken in setting up barricades downtown.  He said those precautions are  not meant to cause panic.  He asks that the rallies downtown this weekend please continue the peaceful nature they exhibited last weekend.

Here's one of the most notable quotes from the Mayor's speech:

Let's make it clear: 'e' wasn't always for everyone. And sadly, vestiges from the past still exist.

Through the years, our community has fought for social justice and equality.

That fight continues in Evansville today.

I'm grateful for the peaceful manner in which demonstrations have been carried out.

It speaks volumes about the heart of our city.

It's my hope that the tone continues.

He mentions that he was at the Four Freedoms monument last weekend for the rally and said that rally was symbolic of how Evansville can come together to fight injustices. City Council President Alex Burton also spoke at the press conference, where he shared that we can rest assured that the city council is working to bring the necessary changes to the community.

And much like many of you, I'm frustrated. For far too long cries for help, aid, and change have been overlooked, undervalued, and pushed to the back burner.   but in this moment, let us continue to lift our voice and push for meaningful progress that is long overdue. Our fight must be focused on the deconstruction of current systems, structures, and norms that too often negatively impact the Black community. Our fight must not include the destruction of physical structures or properties.  Yes, Black lives matter, and as your City council President feel confident in knowing that this city council is working on your behalf so that every resident truly believes that this city is for them.

Watch the full press conference in the video below. I'm sure you'll find it as inspiring and hopeful as I do. E, is for everyone and I truly hope we can get to a day where those words ring true for every resident.

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