Mayor Winnecke extended Evansville's mask mandate, just ahead of Governor Holcomb's statewide mandate. The entire state's mask mandate goes into effect Monday, July 27, 2020.

We're reissuing Executive Order No. 2020-1. Per state statute, the order will be in effect for another seven days as we continue to monitor our community's response to COVID-19.

Let's make it clear. Government and other organizations are providing a lot during this pandemic: testing, contact tracing, best practices on how to reopen.

I’ve maintained that we shouldn't also require citizens to do what's right.

However, based on the elevated day-to-day data and the advice of our Medical Advisory Group, this directive will continue.

It's simple: wear a mask, engage in proper social distancing, practice good hygiene.

Together, we can all help slow the spread and further reopen our community.

Mayor Winnecke partnered with several community leaders to encourage everyone in Evansville to Mask Up.

We are on a mission to encourage everyone to do the right thing and #MaskUp. If this is one small thing that we can do to help us keep businesses open, and get our kids back to school, we are committed to wearing a mask. We set out on a journey through Downtown Evansville to showcase some of our favorite reasons to mask up.

#MaskUpHoosiers We Wear Our Masks for You

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