Max and Igor Cavalera have a hugely respected history from the work they did together in Sepultura and it looks like American audiences will be getting a chance to revisit some of that music on tour this summer.

Speaking with The Metal Interview, Max Cavalera revealed, "We are just paying tribute to our old records. We played Roots for a while, and last year, we did a lot of Beneath the Remains and Arise together, and that was great."

He added, "Those records are so iconic; they're masterpieces of that era. So we're gonna do more of that. We're gonna bring it to America, probably in the summer, with probably another cool band, have a cool package. So that's pretty much what I'm doing with Igor right now — just paying tribute to our old stuff."

Max Cavalera exited Sepultura in 1996, with his brother, drummer Igor Cavalera, leaving the band a decade later in 2006. The siblings eventually reunited in Cavalera Conspiracy. No dates have been announced as of yet, but it appears as though a U.S. run is in the works. Stay up to date with their touring here.

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