Musical equipment belonging to High on Fire and Sleep's Matt Pike was said to have been "stolen from a pilfered" road case recently. The container, apparently being transported by Delta Air Lines, arrived to the guitarist empty. The musician's partner and self-described "professional handler," tattoo artist and illustrator Alyssa Maucere, first reported the theft on Twitter last month, as Ghost Cult Mag and BrooklynVegan outlined.

Missing from the case was a "one of a kind pedal board" that contained many of Pike's guitar effects pedals. The "zip-tied Pelican Roadcase" holding the gear was allegedly "broken into by Delta Airlines baggage handlers" while it traversed the globe during the High on Fire's current tour, Ghost Cult revealed last week (June 28). See the tweets alleging the theft along with screenshots of the items reportedly stolen below.

"@Delta Grammy Award-Winning Matt Pike of #Sleep and #Highonfire had his pedals stolen from a pilfered Pelican case on your watch!" Maucere's initial June 27 tweet lobbed at the airline. "Delivered empty on his doorstep! You have a thief working behind the scenes! AND you denied our claim! SPREAD THE WORD!"

followup message pointed to a list of items purported to have been stolen from the case, which counted effects units and accessories ranging in value from $20–$600 among the musical equipment miscellanea.

A Monday (July 1) update from Maucere reads, "Hey @Delta ....IT HAPPENED IN @HartsfieldATL @TSA THERE'S A CLAIM HEADED YOUR WAY! Don't pass the all should probably should go back through your tapes before it's too late. You have all the info you need right there."

Earlier this year, High on Fire won the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance at the  61st Annual Grammy Awards for their 2018 single "Electric Messiah," the lead-off Lemmy send-up from their album of the same name.

See High on Fire's upcoming tour dates here.

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