You can see what it feels like to be Pac-Man when a giant Pac-Man maze makes it's way to Indy.

According to WISHTV in Indianapolis, the event is called The Ultimate Retro Gaming Experience and it is "an immersive Pac-Man inspired escape maze."

Essentially, you become Pac-Man in this maze. You'll be dodging ghosts while you try to collect different pieces of fruit. You'll also have to complete a "coded puzzle", according to the company's website. However, if you get caught by one of the dreaded ghost, you will lose a life...not a real one. That would be highly illegal. Much like in the game, if you lose three lives then it is GAME OVER!

After you have completed the maze, the fun doesn't stop there. They will have an 80's themed "Pixel Room", where you can play some old school arcade games along with several other activities.

There is a similar ​maze that is also coming to Huston. They provided a little teaser video of what you can expect at the event. Check it out.

Indianapolis isn't too far from the Tri-State, so if you want to make a road trip for this event, it will be on April 25, 2020. Tickets starting at $15 go on sale next week.

(Source: WISHTV)

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