It’s a debate that has literally raged on for decades. Who would win in a fight: the heroes of the Marvel comic book universe or the heroes of DC Comics? It’s mostly been a theoretical debate. Even a handful of special events over the years that saw both companies come together to pit their characters against one another have done little to solve things. This eternal, burning question is the inspiration behind a new fan-made trailer for a movie that will never, ever exist: ‘Marvel vs DC.’

Created by YouTuber Alex Luthor, the three-and-a-half minute minute is surprisingly slick and, at times, even convincing. Taking footage from virtually every modern superhero movie (and a couple of fan films), he manages to convincingly set up the most comic book-y plot ever. Combining footage from ‘Fantastic Four’ and ‘The Avengers,’ things get started when Doctor Doom uses a device to connect two separate universes. Now sharing the Earth with one another, Superman, Batman and the rest of the DC heroes find themselves battling for supremacy against Iron Man, Captain America and Spider-Man.

Although there are a few shots are that have been tinkered with (like Batman leaping over Captain America’s shield), the vast majority of the trailer is accomplished using basic editing tricks. Conversations from ‘Batman Begins’ and ‘Iron Man‘ are edited together so Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne can chat. Footage from ‘Arrow’ allows Oliver Queen to battle Hawkeye. Even Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern gets in on the action, firing bullets made out of willpower at Captain America. It’s slick and it’s very well done.

Of course, this is only a trailer. Who wins in the end? Well, that’s the debate you’re going to have to solve amongst yourselves.

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