The folks at Marshall Amps have designed a piece of legendary British brilliance to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, a BBC America produced sci-fi TV show that is hugely popular…and…it’s being auctioned on eBay to support the BBC's Children In Need charity initiative.


For you fellow guitarists out there who want the scoop on the specs, I’ve been thinking about you…well, not you specifically, more of a collective...stop making it weird!! Here's what it'll be...

The custom designed pieces will consist of a JVM 210H head, with two 4x12 speaker cabs, a 1960A (angled) and 1960B (straight).

If you want to throw your bid in, visit the auction page HERE, but hurry, because there are only a couple days left! Rumor has it that the winning bidder will also get access to the Marshall factory to see the pieces being assembled.

Prettyyyyyyy, prettyyyyyyy, pretty cool.

One more thing...the amp listing is set under British currency, and at this very moment, while I'm writing this post, it's up to 3,800 pounds. That's heavy, bro...



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