In recent years, there have been several occasions where a Creed reunion seemed imminent. While various members of the estranged group have alluded to the possibility, Mark Tremonti said that it's a matter of timing and assured it'll happen when it makes the most sense.

When Creed broke up in 2004, Tremonti, Scott Phillips and Brian Marshall decided to stick together and formed Alter Bridge with vocalist Myles Kennedy. The trio reunited with Creed frontman Scott Stapp in 2009 for an album called Full Circle and a subsequent tour, but went on hiatus again in 2012.

Alter Bridge's latest studio album Pawns & Kings just came out today (Oct. 14), but Tremonti, Stapp and Phillips have each touched on the possibility of a Creed reunion over the last several years. Now, Tremonti elaborated more on the idea during an interview on Mike Brunn's The Rock Experience

"It's just a matter of timing. We're all so busy running around the world doing our things, we would just have to have the time where it made sense. I don't think we need to rush into it, because I don't think Creed fans are going anywhere," the rocker explained.

"I think whenever we decide to do something, I think it's gonna be a safe time to do it. It's just gonna be when it makes sense for everybody. You don't wanna derail a whole album cycle by jumping into doing Creed. It would just have to make sense."

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A little over a year ago, Tremonti said that a Creed reunion would especially be nice for fans who grew up listening to them and watched them become successful.

"Now when we have tackled so many different bands and projects, we realize just how lucky we were," he told Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez. "So it would be good to just kind of go back, like going back in a time machine and having people come out and re-live their childhoods that grew up listening to Creed and haven't been able to see us in so long."

Pawns & Kings was the second project Tremonti released this year after his solo effort Mark Tremonti Sings Frank Sinatra, which came out in May. Alter Bridge are heading over to Europe in a couple of weeks for a tour, and are set to kick off a North American run in January of 2023. See all of the dates at this location, and in the meantime, check out the five things we love about the new Alter Bridge album Pawns & Kings here. 

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