Though Tom DeLonge recently revealed that Blink-182's Mark Hoppus completed his chemotherapy to treat his Stage 4-A diffuse large B-cell lymphoma earlier this month, Hoppus himself has now posted about completing his treatment and what the next step is for him.

"Today I’m grateful to not be going in for chemotherapy. It’s been three weeks since my last treatment. Normally I’d be going in today. 'Normally.' Damn. Getting pumped full of poison every three weeks is my normal. On the 29th I get scanned and will know if it worked," revealed the musician, adding an anxious face and praying hands emojis.

The Blink-182 singer-bassist initially confirmed his cancer diagnosis back in June, before later revealing exactly the nature of what type of cancer he was being treated for. During his treatment, the Blink-182 musician kept up a presence on social media, even sharing the first time he picked up his bass and played since the initial diagnosis.

Upon Hoppus finishing his chemotherapy, his longtime bandmate Tom DeLonge shared the news with fans, adding his own sense of humor to the posting as well.

"No more planned," was Hoppus' response to a text from DeLonge asking if his treatment was now over. "Doctor said I can take my port out," he continued. "I think because he thinks the chemo did the trick and I'm done but also if the chemo didn't work we do a different treatment entirely."

After congratulating Hoppus, DeLonge shared some lightheartedness with a congratulations and then adding, "Time for LIVING," and that "u need to fuck as many things as possible. Shoes, gopher holes, golfers. Anything u can catch."

Sharing the text exchange, DeLonge captioned it, "I wanted to be a good friend to @markhoppus and just give some modest advice on what he should do next, now that his Chemo treatments have subsided and it looks like they may have worked wonderfully."

Both DeLonge and Travis Barker have shared their messages of support for Hoppus since his treatment began.

Loudwire wishes Mark all the best in his ongoing recovery.

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