Marilyn Manson has revealed that he once smoked human bones – but he’d never do it again. The shock-rocker is currently recovering from an injury sustained when a stage prop fell on him, and made the claim in an interview that took place before the accident.

Asked if there were any drugs he’d refuse to try, Manson told Rolling Stone, “Bath salts would be top of my list. I don’t want my flesh to fall off. I’ve smoked human bones and taken acid. I don’t want to do either again, because all your demons appear when you smoke bones or take acid. The older you get, the more demons chase you around and you have nightmares.”

If not smoking bones is an adage to live by, it’s not Manson’s leading mantra, he went on to reveal. “Rule number one: Don’t make beats that confuse strippers,” he said. “I’ve told this to several drummers, like Josh Homme and Dave Lombardo from Slayer. Rule two: Don’t make a movie that does not include some sort of romantic element, whether it be a sex scene, or nudity.

“Rule three would be to remember the first two rules, but also to remember your own advice. Finally, smell the flowers before you stomp on them.”

He added that the best advice he’d ever received came from his late father, although he’d modified it over the years. “Dad told me, ‘Son, when you get your first job, fire somebody so everyone fears you.’ I think what he meant to say is, ‘Inspire awe in the people you work with.' They don’t need to fear you – but they need to respect you and be in awe of what you do."

“I don’t like when people ask the question, ‘Why?’” Manson continued. “If I ask for something and someone says, ‘Why?’ your answer will be, ‘Because I said so.’ When trying to accomplish something very intense, my brain is working in crazy ways I can’t explain. If I stop to explain I’ll forget where I started.”

His interrupted tour in support of new album Heaven Upside Down is set to recommence on Oct. 15, with dates booked until Dec. 9.

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