X Japan have made the most of their two performances at Coachella, with the latter happening last night (April 21) and including a guest turn by Marilyn Manson. The black-clad Manson was invited to the stage with an exuberant introduction by band leader Yoshiki, as seen in the fan-shot video above.

After an initial embrace, Yoshiki moved from his drum kit to his beautiful clear piano where he briefly played the opening notes of "Sweet Dreams" eliciting a huge response from the crowd. Then letting it die down a bit, he continued the song as Manson delivered a more haunting and stripped back version of the Eurythmics cover that helped launch his career.

For X Japan, playing Coachella marked off another box in their impressive career. The band has been established as one of the top acts in Japan for years, but they've started to make inroads in the U.S. over the past decade, with Coachella serving as one of their biggest U.S. performances to date.

Speaking ahead of the performance to L.A. Weekly, Yoshiki said of Manson, "He's been an amazing friend of mine. So we talked about him showing up at Coachella and he said, 'I'd be happy to.' He's just a very sweet person and he kindly tries to support X Japan -- or support me. That's wonderful." Yoshiki says he never really feels like they're "working together," so much as it is just friends hanging out. "[It's] just enjoying the process. He's very inspirational," Yoshiki said of his time spent with Manson. Watch an additional fan-shot clip below.

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