I was driving down the road today, just listening to an unnamed radio station, and when the news came on all I heard was..."Vacectomy Maddness." A study has shown that during the NCAA tournament in March, men have another kind of Maddness...."Vacectomy Maddness."

According to the USA today,

"The idea: Men time the surgery so that they can combine recovery with a little quality TV sports time. Or, as one Virginia clinic puts it in promotional materials: "Spend three days on the couch watching hoops with your wife's approval"

Clinics around the United States are catching on to this new craze and doing their promotions accordingly, with special recovery kits in Oregon they hand out t-shirts, a cooler, Sports Illustrated and more just for doing their surgery during the March Maddness season.

Ladies you want to know why your guy wanted to snip his Sh*t??? He wants to watch basketball!

Here's to the snip and March Maddness!!!!!