You should never mess with a man and his lucky hat.

"Simon Jackson" had his $2500 bike stolen in Portland, OR. He managed to locate the bike a few days later on Craigslist. He arranged to meet the thief in Seattle, and set out on a 160 mile trip to bust him.

The entire sting was captured on camera. However, most police officers would prefer that you contact them before ever doing something like this. Jackson could have encountered someone that was armed, and the situation could have become violent.

At one point during the video, a cell phone captured a key piece of evidence. Although the thief said he didn't steal the bike, he admitted to knowing it was stolen. (And yes, it is against the law to receive stolen property)

How would you handle a situation like this? Have you had this happen yourself?

Check out the video. Be forewarned, due to some words that may hurt virgin ears, this video is NSFW!

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