It's been a week since we've taken a dive into the hilarity that is Evansville Watch, so let's see what the stars of our fine city have been up to.

If you aren't familiar with Evansville Watch, I can only assume you've been living under a rock. Or, maybe, you're one of its featured members. Either way, I'll bring you up to speed. Evansville Watch is an organization that monitors the police scanner and live-posts calls as they come in. While some posts are pretty "normal", a majority of them are not. Who would've thought Evansville would produce such bizarre content?

***Also, a really important side note that I would like to add is that the comments on these statuses from people around the community are hilariously witty. Seriously, sometimes the comments are funnier than the post itself and I wish there was a way to share all of them. But, if you want an extra laugh, take a dive into those sometime.***

Here are some of the best posts from Evansville Watch as of late:


Damage - unsure of location (somewhere off Rotherwood), caller reports her Blue Honda Civic was jumped on and damaged by a tall white male with spiked hair wearing a white t-shirt and American flag boxers earlier while celebrating the UE win

Disordely - 1200 Block of N 2nd Ave ; callers ex girlfriend banging on the doors refusing to leave she doesn't reside there

Commerce Bank-EagleCrest
Caller states that a silver car has been parked in the drive-thru for the past few hours. The caller is afraid that they are waiting for someone to use the ATM

Fight in Progress
Walmart Neighborhood Market-Taylor Avenue
4 subjects inside the business are fighting.
EPD arriving

Suspicious circumstances at the Pet Food Center in the 2900 block of N Green River. Employees think someone is in the store with them during the power outage and should not be. They have not seen anyone.

Person Down - 4500 block of Taylor Ave. Caller says a male has been laying down in a yard across from the callers location and hasn’t moved or got up in a while. EPD en route.

Check Welfare - Evans Ave & Madison Ave. Caller says an intoxicated black female is in the intersection yelling at people; trying to get food from vehicles passing by. EPD en route.

Officer in a pursuit of a vehicle in the 1100 block of Bayard Park Dr. Officer says a male driver is fleeing and is looking back at the officer. Also has his arms out of the window.

Assault in Progress - 1200 block of N 1st Ave. A female here is irate and is going around punching people in the area. EPD en route.

Theft in Progress - 501 N Fares Ave, Chuckles. Two black females stole lighters. Last seen walking away from the store. EPD en route.

Shoplifter - 801 N 1st Ave, CVS. Clerk says a male wearing sweatpants is stuffing candy in his pants. Call taker advised her to call back if he leaves. EPD en route.

General Complaint - 2221 N Fares Ave, Deluxe Inn Motel. Caller says her boyfriend won’t let her in the room and has taken the key. Both names are on the room.

Suspicious Circumstances - 1901 W Mill Rd, Mill Creek Estates. Caller says a white male wearing a jacket is not from the neighborhood and started walking faster when the caller looked at him. VCSO en route.

Dispute in Progress - 7000 block of Pinehurst Dr. Caller says his ex girlfriend is here yelling and screaming at him. Also trying to get into his car. Silver Kia Sorento is what she’s in. VCSO en route.


Way to stay classy, Evansville!

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