Just a few months ago you could dress up in your best zombie apparel, and go out on the streets with people thinking you were just a weirdo. But after a dude high on bath salts ate the face of a homeless man in Miami, people are a little more on edge when it comes to zombies. 

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy decided to scare the hell out of some Miami residents. He got dressed up in his best Zombie garb and took a video camera along to record people's reactions.

Now with an entire city on edge, and internet rumors of a Zombie apocalypse cover up, Zdorovetskiy's idea probably wasn't the best in the world. However, I must say that I'm kind of disappointed in most people's reactions. I probably wouldn't have been so nice, blame it on my constant viewing of The Walking Dead.

At one point you see someone actually going for a gun. Then at the very end of the video, you do see some hope that man will be able to survive the impending Zombie apocalypse. Cause you know those junkies aren't going to give up their bath salts that easily.

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