On January 27th at Tres Reynas a woman went to the restroom and while pushing on the soap dispenser a cell phone fell out. She immediately contacted authorities, and today EPD took to facebook to announce they've arrested the suspect.

Evansville Police Department posted the following:

News Release


On Monday January 27th a female called the Evansville Police Department to say that while attempting to use the bathroom at Tres Reynas (920 Main St.), she discovered a cell phone hidden in the soap dispenser that was recording. After discovering the phone, she immediately left the restaurant to call the authorities.

The suspect, Marcos Alberto Ambriz Leon, was arrested today on an attempted voyeurism charge (felony).

Officials with the police department believe that Leon acted alone in this incident and neither the owners nor employees were aware this has been taking place.

I went and checked Tres Reynas facebook page, and after the incident happened they posted the following:

Hello everyone, I'm susanti Castro is back here. I just find out that tres reynas got big problem about hidden camera in the bathroom. That case still on police investigation, so any further information about it I will let you know. If that really one of my partner did it I will let him go immediately.
So start this evening I'll be here at tres reynas to serve you better
And again I'm so sorry

Tres Reynas is located at 920 Main St. and serves up Latin cuisine.

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