Well what else was he supposed to do??

I have always always heard people jokingly say that if they were to find a bunch of spiders in their home, then they'd either move, or set the place on fire. Because no one wants to deal with that creepy mess.

I never thought anyone would ACTUALLY set their house on fire because they found a spider. But that's exactly what a man in Fresno, California did.

The man found a nest of spiders in his home and his first reaction wasn't to call an exterminator. No. He took matters into his own hands with a blow torch. Apparently he took the spiders unfortunate breaking and entering as an act of war, and responded accordingly.

Unfortunately, he didn't really think the blow torch thing through, and the whole house went up in flames.

Luckily, no one was hurt.

...No word yet on if the spiders survived.

(Source: WISHTV.com)

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