Summers are for adventure and one Kentucky State Park takes you on a prehistoric adventure full of some of the world's most interesting Ice Age remains.  This park used to be home to Mammoths & Sloths and more.

Big Bone Lick is located in Boone County, Kentucky.  This Ice Age Park takes visitors back to over 12,000 years ago.  The park gets its' name from Pleistocene megafauna basically meaning very large animal.  Animals that frequented this area include Mammoth, bison, buffalo, and even sloth because of the large salt lick around sulfur springs on the property.  The animals needed the food and salt to survive in those times.

Stories have been told that the area around the salt lick was very soft and caused a lot of animals to get stuck not allowing them a way out.

According to Wikipedia, the park is home to several amenties;

The park features several nature trails, including a Discovery Trail that includes a boardwalk around a marsh bog diorama with recreations of a woolly mammoth, a mastodon, a ground sloth, bison, and scavengers feeding on carcasses and skeletal remains. The Discovery Trail winds through several habitats, including grassland, wetland and savanna, and is accessible to the physically challenged.

Visitors to the park can enjoy hiking, bird watching, camping, miniature golf, playground areas, swimming, and tennis.  There is also a gift shop on-site to take home some memorabilia.

Big Bone Lick State Park

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