Want to teach your class about recycling? Crayola has you covered!

Waste is a big problem we have all over the world. Even though plastic is recyclable, a lot of it ends up dumped in rivers or oceans, contaminating and harming the creatures that live there, and also being an eyesore for humans.

So, this school year, Crayola wants you to sign your classroom up to be a ColorCycle classroom. Grades K-12 can participate in recycling their dead and used crayola markers.

How does it work?

Well, you need a ColorCycle Champion. Someone in charge of collecting all of these markers throughout the year and be in charge of sending them to the Crayola collection facility. (This should most likely be an adult).

Sign up your ColorCycle Champion HERE.

Once you're registered, tell Crayola when you're ready to ship your markers and they'll send you a FREE SHIPPING LABEL. You don't have to pay anything to send these markers to them. And they will dispose of, and recycle said markers.

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