Christmas weekend is almost here! Needing some fun ideas to help keep everyone entertained before Santa makes his way down the chimney? I've found a few games to play with family and friends and some gift exchange ideas to help the impatient littles get through until Christmas morning.

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The Saran Wrap Game

This is a personal favorite that my own family has done in years past, and plan on doing it this year as well. The objective of this game is to unwind layers of clear plastic wrap to get to the next prize in the Saran Wrap ball. Some great prize ideas are:

  • Chapstick
  • hand creams
  • chewing gum
  • $5 gift cards
  • cash
  • scratch off tickets
  • mini liquor bottles for the big kids (21+ of course)
  • candy
  • small toys
  • Christmas socks (who doesn't love a great pair of fuzzy socks?)
  • fruit snacks
  • nail polish

The options are endless and completely up to you and the age group of the audience that you're entertaining.

Check out this YouTube video for more prize inspiration and gameplay. 

Don't Grab The Wrong Mug!

This game is one of gambling roulette, Christmas roulette! Be selective of which mug you choose to pick up as you never know if its covering cash, or a can of sardines!


Grinch Grab or Christmas Tree Punch Game

This is a fun at-home take on games you might find at the state fair. Glue plastic cups to a carboard or foam board, load with prizes and then cover the tops of the lids with tissue paper. Punch through the paper to claim your prize!



Check out this video with other game ideas! Most of the items needed for these games can be found at dollar stores for a budget friendly way to add some extra fun to those holiday memories.


Christmas Eve Gift Exchange Ideas and Traditions

Christmas Eve pajama boxes can be exchanged with holiday-themed PJs or regular ones. Include treats such as a cocoa mix and a book or Christmas DVD.




A heartwarming tradition of exchanging books and hot chocolate on Christmas eve started close to mid-century in Iceland. New books are often exchanged on the night before Christmas in what is called Jolabokaflod which translated means "Christmas book flood." This tradition isn't only about the exchange of new literature it's about the enjoyment of it as well. Pour a festive mug of hot cocoa and dive into a storybook by the light of a twinkling tree.

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