A few months ago, I decided to clean up my social media. Part of that was reassessing the Facebook groups I was active in. I only wanted to see positive content that enhanced my life in some way. And really any group that allowed members to ask the same question over and over and over again just had to go!

But one of my favorite groups that I stayed in was the Evansville Photography Group. I love seeing how other people see the tri-state and find new little hidden gems that I had no idea existed. I am also always excited to see new local talent in the area and the art that they share.

Yesterday, I decided to get in touch with a few of them and ask to share them with you! These are so beautiful and sum up summer in the tri-state! I thought it would be kind of fun and whimsical to also include a little quote along with the image.

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Have a cool photo to share? If you'd like to be considered for an online photo gallery, email me right here. 

Magnificent Photos of Summer in the Tri-State

Sweet sweet summertime. From blooming flowers against a backdrop of green leaves to powerful thunderstorms making way for vibrant sunsets - it's so beautiful this time of year. We have some incredibly talented photographers around the tri-state. It's so cool to see how they see the world and capture life's little moments for eternity. Check out more amazing local photography at the Facebook Group: Evansville Photography.

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