In the time honored tradition since Janet Jackson whipped out a naughty part of the female anatomy

"W.E." Press Conference - 2011 Toronto International Film Festival

the organizers of the "Big Game" in February that involves a ball made out of pigskin have had a plan.

That plan involved booking primarily old music folk to perform...Black Eyed Peas excluded.  Enter Madonna...your halftime entertainment for the big game.  And the reaction has been, well...take it away Twitter via!

Madonna is performing at the Super Bowl? Maybe the Bills really are good this year, considering we’ve warped back in time 20 years.

@wingoz trey wingo
Madonna to perform at SB halftime. absolutely NO WAY there’s a wardrobe malfunction there right, right?

@bruce_arthur Bruce Arthur
Madonna performing at halftime of the Super Bowl? I bet Joe Montana and John Elway will really enjoy that before they play the second half.

@BeisnerKSR Thomas Beisner
Madonna will perform during halftime, ensuring that Jeff Garcia will finally make it to the Super Bowl.

@joshlewinstuff josh lewin
Madonna playing SB halftime this yr after BEP last year.. we keep creeping backwards here, people. by SB48, it’s going to be Boz Scaggs.

@jh_moore Jack Moore
Madonna, huh? Another Super Bowl halftime spent playing Super Smash Bros it is.

@suss2hyphens Matt Sussman
Guess the Muppet Halftime Show won’t be until 2013. That’s fine.

@gourmetspud Gourmet Spud
They need to stop letting Al Davis’s grandfather pick the Super Bowl halftime acts.

Yes indeed.  The world is abuzz about the Material Girl walking the Borderline and wishing upon her Lucky Star.  Or something.  As long as the Steelers aren't playing, I don't care what they do.

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